Being a leader doesn't mean going it alone. In fact, research* shows that successful founders and leaders utilize more outside support as their organizations grow. Is it any wonder? Big decisions, tough conversations, competing priorities, navigating uncertainty, understanding how people tick, keeping your eye on so many variables, the endless decisions and challenges with communication... sometimes you need to hit pause and get some clarity. But that's not tough to do when you're in it...  

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I call Jodi when...

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The things that are most important to me feel out of synch. I call her when I'm sensing a conflict between what I feel I have to do and what my core is telling me I need/want to do. I call Jodi when I have an unease at the intersection of home/profession/self that I just can't seem to put my finger on... Or I have my finger on it, but then I just don't know what to do with it... Or I know what to do with it, but I want to check in with someone else who sees and gets MY big picture and can provide insight/support/guidance on HOW I might do it. ~JD, Sr. VP


I call Jodi when I can’t get to the bottom of a business decision and feel paralyzed or wrapped in confusion—and I suspect there is an emotional component to what is happening for me. Before I talk to her, I feel confused and angsty. Afterwards, I feel clear and excited.
— CP | Founder | national advocacy initiative


The air is thinner at the top... There are fewer people you can talk to, honestly. There are fewer people who Whether it's for professional, or personal matters, every business leader needs people they can talk to --  someone who understands their business, and who understands their including how their career affects their life - from day-to-day challenges to the inner workings of their personal relationships.  In short, they have someone to bounce ideas off of, someone who can piece apart problems with them, see through given conclusions to new possibilities, and help them restart engines (metaphorical engines, like work patterns and ideas) when stuck. This key person within their inner circle is sometimes a friend or a confidant or a colleague - and, oftentimes, it's a personal strategist.   

Leadership should never be lonely.  That makes it harder, but because it's a sure fire way to waste valuable time and energy trying to navigate the decisions and challenges of leadership.  


*Dismantling The Myth of the Self-Reliant CEO, Fast Company